Loveland is a focused group of professionals interested generating maximum revenue for our provider clients in the minimum duration of processing possible.

This is as important to us as high levels of patient satisfaction. We work to ensure patients have a smooth hospital experience from the first consultation through admission to discharge through to completing all payment transactions.

This is the most important set of services relevant to ensuring the best first impression, about the hospital or clinic in the minds of patients. A smooth, easy, comfortable, and convenient first interaction that a patient or their caretaker gets to have with the providing hospital or clinical setting goes a long way in ensuring positive feedback and word of mouth publicity for the provider.

Front end services

Patient scheduling


Patient scheduling and benefits verification

This service involves collecting comprehensive and accurate patient information, insurance- related information and explaining recommended services and insurance benefits to inform about all charges that may have to be borne by the patient. Proper data collection during this step is critical to ensure smooth claim reimbursement.

During this step, we'll ensure we verify insurance plan eligibility and explain what the patient can anticipate in terms of co-pay so that they can be adequately prepared in their minds well in advance about their final bill total.


It's an important step in ensuring that the services provided by the provider are properly paid for. Each key service that the doctor needs to provide to the patient must be approved by the insurer beforehand. Several routine services are regularly paid for without question by the insurer. But certain services must be pre-approved.

To get this pre-authorization the insurer must be sent the accurate CPT codes that the doctor needs to provide. With our robust experience, we can smoothly get this key process done fast so that the patient gets the appropriate treatment without any delay and the provider won't have to worry about getting reimbursed for such critical services.